Mom on a Mission (MOM)


Mom on a Mission (MOM)


Mom on a Mission has been designed for women who are busy, but would like to look and feel better, and to be healthy. It has been specifically designed for women who are beginners or intermediate level trainers but have limited time. Each workout can be completed in 20-35 minutes if rest periods are kept to a minimum. This program requires you to have access to a small set of dumbells or weights and/or resistance bands.

It is not a challenge or a competition between two people. It is about you and what you need to do to look and feel better and healthier.

$247 for 3 Months


  • Initial consult / interview / opportunity to ask questions over the phone / skype / video call – this needs to be scheduled.
  • Personalised training plans delivered to you via the My Best Body training app.
  • Personalised nutrition plan.
  • Supplement guidance (if you want / need to take supplements).
  • The ability to message your coach from within the My Best Body training app.
  • Videos to show you correct training techniques of all the exercises performed by Andrew Hudson or one of the ‘Hudson’s Angels’.
  • Access to the My Best Body training app so you can track all your workouts / weights / reps / sets to see your progress.
  • Meal options / suggestions that you can tailor to your specific taste and requirements.
  • Support from a closed Facebook page so you can be part of the community.