Elite / Competitor Package


Elite / Competitor Package


Our Elite Package is suited for two groups of people. These people are either very experienced, passionate and hard training individuals (usually personal trainers or other coaches) or they are people with very big goals (ie career as a professional athlete: they want to compete in shows; they do regular photo-shoots; or they enter ‘face of fitness’ type of competitions.)

This plan incorporates everything that the Next level plan does and, if needed, you will be guided in other areas such as how to negotiate contracts with potential sponsors, what shows to pick, how to market yourself to appeal to the correct audience, posing suit choices and correct posing techniques.

All communication is done via the My Best Body training app.

$997 once-off (3 Months) or
$397 pm for 3 Months


  • Initial consult / interview / opportunity to ask questions over the phone / skype / video call – this needs to be scheduled.
  • Personalised training plans delivered to you via the My Best Body training app.
  • Personalised nutrition plan.
  • Supplement guidance (if you want / need to take supplements).
  • Direct contact with your coach – Whatsapp / Phone / Skype / video calling (this needs to be scheduled).
  • The ability to message your coach from within the My Best Body training app.
  • Videos to show you correct training techniques of all the exercises performed by Andrew Hudson or one of the ‘Hudson’s Angels’.
  • Access to the My Best Body training app so you can track all your workouts / weights / reps / sets to see your progress.
  • Meal options / suggestions that you can tailor to your specific taste and requirements.