About My Best Body

My Best Body is a unique & personalised 16-week programme. Utilising a combination of weight training and cardio strategies, in combination with a tailored healthy eating plan, it will help you to not only sculpt your best body, but reshape your mind when it comes to health. The My Best Body Transformation Programme provides you with the motivation and knowledge for your physical evolution and life-long health & fitness.

As each of our clients is different, so is every challenge. Our well-known Body Transformation specialist, Andrew Hudson, continually learns and gathers new information on what practical applications of the science will give you the best results. As such, Andrew has taken the My Best Body Challenge to a new level, making it a more comprehensive Lifestyle transformation programme. He provides you with a solid understanding of how to achieve your best body using tried and tested principles, gleaned from our cumulative experience spanning two decades in the health & fitness industry, and backed by numerous real life success stories.

We believe in what we do. We believe in our exercise & nutritional advice. So much so, that we back it with a full money back guarantee. We are so confident that our exercise, training and supplement plans will produce – results if implemented as directed – that we are offering a 30 day Money Back Guarantee!* (please see Terms and Conditions)

The My Best Body Transformation Challenge programmes are designed and tailored to maximise your personal physical capabilities and genetics. They are carefully adjusted & intensified periodically over the 16 weeks to ensure continual progress. Our diet plans are designed to work in synergy with your personal exercise plan and we will modify them according to your feedback at set points during the programme. We hope you will give this programme your full commitment. You already have ours.

Unlike other transformation programmes, which are “generic” in nature, we are committed to personally supporting you, one-on-one, throughout your journey. We will monitor your progress, motivating you to follow our thought out plans, keeping you committed to and destined for ultimate success. Furthermore, there is NO RISK – as we said, we are offering a 100% money back guarantee*.

We highly recommend a gym membership, which will allow you to work out using a variety of machines and free weights for maximum results.

However, with lockdowns happening all over the world we have adapted the program to allow for exercising with minimal equipment. At the bare minimum you should have a small set of dumbells and/or a set of resistance bands. If you have nothing on hand, you can do some of, but not all of the plan. If you have access to a full gym, then let us know.


Andrew is a professional bodybuilder in the Pro League. He has an ETA qualification with over a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor.

The original online coach in South Africa, he has built a solid reputation of being a master of 12-week transformations, having coached many winners of various online challenges. Recognizing the challenges that people are faced on the more common shorter programs, Andrew has changed the My Best Body program to a 16 week plan that has an educational component as well. He is now more passionate than ever about helping people achieve their physique goals in the best possible ways.

Andrew is a full-time online coach and trainer, and the owner of Bikini Evolution, Body Evolution Physique coaching and My Best Body.

With a tremendous amount of experience, he has a proven track record and a variety of tools to help his clients achieve their goals whether that be you losing a couple kilos or standing on the world’s biggest competitive stages. Andrew has numerous fitness industry stars and celebrities that utilize his services. He has conducted numerous seminars on correct training techniques and proper nutrition both locally and internationally.